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It’s the one day in your life where you get to declare in front of all of your favourite people, that you have chosen the person you want to spend the rest of your life with. The best thing about civil ceremonies is that they can be whatever you want them to be. Other than a few small legal requirements, you can say almost anything you like and it can be wherever you choose, with as many or as little people present as you desire. It’s all up to you.


It's my belief that a wedding ceremony should only be as long as it takes to thoroughly represent the love that the couple has for each other. In saying that, we can add as little or as many elements as you like.


Wedding season comes around fast, so it's best to secure your date early. The Notice of Intended Marriage form needs to be lodged with me no later than one month prior to your big day, unless granted special permissions.



Your big day should be all about you. If you're not into crowds, being the centre of attention or you just want to enjoy the best day of your life with your special person, then why not elope?


We could work together to create the perfect ceremony, anywhere you like. The beauty of a small wedding party is that there's practically no limits to where you tie the not! All you need is yourselves, two witnesses, love and of course me.

Let's celebrate.


'Legals only'

If you've thought of heading to the Wedding Registry because you only want the bare minimum words required to have you legally married, I can offer a 'legals only' service. 


Naming Days

When a baby is born, you never feel more complete. As a mum, I can certainly attest to this. If you're not religious, but you would like to celebrate your beautiful baby coming into the world, a naming day is a great option. It's a ceremony that can include whatever rituals you like and is a great way to reaffirm to siblings that you're all one big family. 

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Vow Renewals

Vow renewal ceremonies are a beautiful way of reminding each other of the love you share and reaffirming those promises you made to each other going when it all began. It's about you two, but it can also be about including the family you've created. 

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